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03-12-08, 07:39 am
Hi, everyone! I have a question about the color of the urine from one of my girls. I saw one "puddle" of whitish colored liquid. I searched this and guinea lynx and found info on red/brown urine, and saw that it could be a UTI. Is this the direction I should head, or do any of you know anything about white urine?
Should i wait and see if it happens again before I worry?

Thanks in advance for your help!

03-12-08, 08:20 am
It is pretty normal. Mine do the same thing. check for dry urine in the cage and if it is soft/powdery it is nothing to worry about. If it is grainy it is bladder sludge caused from to much calcium this could lead to bladder stones. You could still try to cut down on the calcium to see if the urine clears up a bit. There are many threads about this including a sticky you could check out.

03-12-08, 08:24 am
Ok...after some more searching, I think I figured it out. I read that it is normal for urine to be a milky color, as long as it doesn't leave sediment or residue. So, if anyone has anything further to add, that would be great!

Thanks! Amie :)