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03-11-08, 08:06 pm
I was wondering if anyone here has ever had a pig with liver disease of any kind and what were your experiences?

03-11-08, 08:22 pm
No, thank goodness! We have had alot of other problems here - suspected heart pig (now not so sure), URIs, mites, fungal infections, infection in a toe that went to the bone and the toe had to be amputated etc.

Does one of your pigs have liver disease?

03-12-08, 12:03 am
Yes she was just diagnosed with liver disease :( And believe me I know what you mean when you say "a lot of problems"- this same pig has had mites, a UTI, ovarian cysts, and a uterine mass which was blocking her intestines- ALL in 2007!!!

I'm afraid the liver disease has a terrible prognosis. All I can do is give her meds to slow the process and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these meds or possibly other ways to prolong life.

Sorry you have had so many problems also PFL! The real downside to guinea pigs is how fragile they are.

03-12-08, 12:07 am
Dang, thats bad news. I am sorry. I have no advice to offer. Have you posted on GL? They may have some suggestions.

Poor girl, she has had rotten luck. Good Luck with everything.

03-12-08, 12:13 am
Oh no, I'm so sorry, poor little thing must be a fighter to have made it through all of that. I'm going to send good thoughts your way for her. Hopefully you will have luck with slowing the progression of the disease.
I worry about mine all of the time, they are such fragile little creatures.
Do you mind me asking, what were her symptoms? How did you know something was wrong?

03-12-08, 06:23 pm
What were her symptoms? How did you know something was wrong?

Rapid weight loss and BRIGHT yellow urine. Turns out the yellow color is the liver expelling Bilirubin. It must be pretty rare- or goes undetected often- because I couldn't find anyone on guinealynx who knew anything about liver disease and my vet has not seen it in a guinea pig either. So the medications she is taking now are somewhat experimental in nature.

One more reason I love using fleece! I never would have spotted the urine color on carefresh etc. I wonder if other pigs have had liver problems that went undiagnosed.

03-12-08, 08:28 pm
Was she on a lot of antibiotics for the other problems? I have heard of antibiotics causing liver problems in some animals. I'm sorry she's not feeling well.

03-12-08, 09:38 pm
Yes she was, and I have asked that question on guinealynx. It was either that or something in the grass when I've taken her outside to graze. Those are the only real possibilities that have come to mind.