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03-11-08, 11:33 am
Hi :)

My name is Georgia. I have 5 piggies at the moment, 4 sows and 1 boar. I have just had the boar neutered so in a few weeks he will be moving in with the girls!

I am going off on my gap year next year, and then to university so I'm looking to get a C&C cage for the 5 of them to live in, which will make life easier for my parents who will have to clean them out whilst I am away!

I've had piggies since I was 3 and could never be without them now :cheerful:

Georgia xx (and the piggies!)

03-11-08, 12:26 pm
Welcome! Great job getting your boar neutered, you are off to a great start.

For so many pigs, I would suggest at least a 3x5 (42in x 70in) - bigger if you can. I have 3 sows and a neutered boar in a 3x5 that is connected to 3x4.

For easy cleaning, fleece bedding is definitely the way to go. Two layers of towels, then a layer of fleece on top. If your pigs have been on regular bedding, put some of that in a large litterbox (with a hayrack over it) and its a pretty sure thing they will go mostly in it.