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12-09-04, 03:30 pm
Hi all. Okay, so I built my 2x3 cage with a second level with grids from Target and I will put coroplast in. Three questions:

1) For a baby cavy how high should the coroplast walls be and when it is an adult how high should they be?

2) I worry about the Cavy climbing out of the cage. Say for example he/she climbs on top of the Pigloo or house or anything else that provides a higher step upwards, it is much easier for them to climb out. Do I need to worry about them climbing out and therefore, put a roof on the entire cage? Or did I read somewhere that cavies are not climbers and will not try and escape?

3) I am going to build a ramp. Do I need to be concerned about the Cavy falling off the ramp? I will make the ramp out of coroplast and as a base for the ramp I will bend the wire grids….so the cavy will have a small rail, but the height of the ramp rail will not be high enough to keep him/her from climbing/jumping/falling out if it wants to.

Thank you so much!

12-11-04, 06:17 pm
You should add an extra six inches makeing it a foot tall and you should double grid.

They climb but with the extra walls as a baby they should be safe. They tend to like being in the cage too.

If you have sides on your ramp you don have to worry. To lure you guinea pig into using the ramp you could drape a towel over it to make it like a hidey house type thing. It works well!

12-14-04, 09:12 pm
Thanks for the response and ideas.