View Full Version : 4 x 4 Grid Anyone?

03-09-08, 06:09 pm
Does anyone have a 4 x 4 grid cage? I'm thinking about putting a second 2 x 4 but attach it to form one large area instead of using another level and having to deal with ramps, the cleaning and difficult to seen in with 10" side that are kitty proof. Oh, and it would be raised one grid off the floor with plenty of storage space underneath!

03-09-08, 06:38 pm
I have a 4x5. I love it, because its so wide. I would defiantly do a 4x5 over a 2x4 with a 2x4 on top.

03-09-08, 06:51 pm
I have a 4x6, but its sorta not the same as a normal 4x6, its had to explain, there is a pic in my user gallery, its called 2x8 + 2x4 + 2x2. I would definetly go a 2x4 rather than a 2 level 2x4, they'll have much more running room.

03-09-08, 07:14 pm
I have a 2x 4 already and it seems cramped for 1 baby pig that i had to take her toys and things out so she could play.Thanks since i have the space i'll make one big area!

03-09-08, 08:13 pm
I have almost a 4x4. It has a bite taken out of one corner, so it is like a 2x4 plus a 2x3.

It's not hard to clean, but I do need to step into it. If it was elevated, I don't think I could step into it. For storage, I put it in the corner, and created cube "L" shaped shelving along the back two wall sides.

You'll have room for plenty of pigs with a 4x4! I have four.

03-10-08, 01:56 pm
My largest cage is a 3x6 and we had to kitty proof ours. I'm very short so we had to make it easier for me to get into to catch our piggies as well as change out the fleece bedding we use. We used 2 of the wire shelves you can buy from Lowes for the lids and zip tied them to the middle section of cubes on top. We also put some pvc pipe in there for extra strength. Look under my pictures and you'll see how we did the lids, there's a front and side view on there. Good luck!