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03-09-08, 05:28 pm
Hi guys,
I'm not a normal poster here, although I do read a lot of the posts from time to time. I'm very concerned about my youngest pig, Dexter and a medication that was prescribed to him. Just over a week ago, I noticed that his squeaks were very muffled, and he was wheezing a bit. I took him in to see the vet, who I've only seen a handful of times in my new location. The vet said his throat was very red and gave me some pink medication to give for a week. It looked very similar to some medication that was prescribed a few years ago for my older pig Paulie and he didn't have any problems. I've given Dexter the medication. However, lately his squeaks are almost completely gone, he seems weak and doesn't run about his cage as much as before, and his eating habits have severely changed (not for the better). I scheduled another vet visit for Monday morning (the earliest I could get), but I noticed something going through some old papers of mine from his adoption. One was a list of dangerous medications. A medication listed there was amoxicillin (Clavamox). According to this box of the medicine I have, it is amoxi drop (amoxicillin). Can someone help me at all? I'm praying I haven't been giving him a medicine that will kill him.

03-09-08, 06:26 pm
Guinea Lynx :: Dangerous Medications (http://www.guinealynx.com/dangerous_medications.html)

Amoxicillan is one the the most commonly prescribed drugs NOT to be given to guinea pigs. You should stop immediately. Go to the link above and copy the list of dangerous drugs to give to your vet. There is also a list of acceptable drugs. I would start looking for a vet that has more experience with guinea pigs. Until then look at the information on guinea lynx and take what you need to your current vet.

Baytril or enrofloxin, which is ok for guinea pigs is a similar color of the amoxicillan which may have been what was prescribed to your other pig.

03-09-08, 09:13 pm
Bactrim can come in a pink liquid form and is perfectly fine for pigs... but if you think the medication you have is at all related to amoxicillan, stop giving it to him IMMEDIATELY and get him to the vet ASAP. Good luck!