View Full Version : Would like some photos of stands about waist height, with space to store stuff.......

03-08-08, 09:03 pm
underneath, like 5 lbs of hay and 10 lbs pellets(how big is 5 lbs of hay?). Also, if you currently use this system of stand for C+C cages, please tell/show me how to make the stand. I have a 2 grid wide by 5 grid long cage.

Sorry to ask so many favors, but I am doing it in the best interests of care for my cavies! Thank you! Help me= help guinea pigs. Thats why I love helping others on this site.

03-08-08, 09:13 pm
it's ok!! Don't worry about asking too much! I personally cannot help you, as I don't use a stand, but I'm sure someone who knows more will come along soon! You may want to check the cages photots as some show people who do use a stand

03-08-08, 09:30 pm
You could go to the Good Will and get a nice sturdy table and use a piece of plywood the size of your cage on top of it to put your cage on. You can use the space under the table as storage! You could also drape a large piece of material over the table to hide the storage area (sort of like a large table skirt)!

Sorry, that is all I could come up with! That is what I am planning to do!

03-09-08, 04:39 pm
If you will click on the camera on my post there's a couple of pictures of one of my cages. We used the cubes as the base of this cage and it has room for storing food underneath. Let me know if you have any other questions about how we put it together.