View Full Version : Teeth Question!

03-08-08, 03:31 pm
I am wondering,
Lilly's teeth overlap each other (an over bite)
and Ava's teeth are touching together!
Is that normal or do one of them have a problem.

:sad: At fist I thought it sounded just like humans some have an over-bite, some have under-bites and some are just born with straight teeth :confused: but then i thought, these are totally different animals.

Can anyone help me out please :heart:

Sammy and Peanut
03-08-08, 03:40 pm
If they are just overlapping that is fine, but if they are curving up or down them you have a problem called malocclusion (sp?). If they are curved you should take him/her to the vet to let him/her clip them. Wood and some veggies are good to wear them down.

03-08-08, 03:54 pm
no, they both have nice straight teeth. Thanks so much! That is great advice.

Sammy and Peanut
03-08-08, 03:58 pm
You're very welcome!

03-08-08, 04:18 pm
Just watch how they are eating, and weigh them everday(as you should) if they start to eat less and theey lose weight, it could possible be that they need their teeth filed by a vet, but Sammie and Peanut is right. Usually the teeth kinda curve in.