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03-06-08, 08:56 pm
Hi. I'm Amanda. I'm new here (obviouslylol). No piggies yet, just researching. I thought that I would get a guinea pig after my hamster, Daisy, dies, instead of getting another hamster. But then I found this site and realized that they are nothing alike! Needless to say, I have fallen in love with the idea of having piggies as pets, but I don't currently have enough time, money, or space. I'm still in college. I don't live in a dorm or anything; I live at home with my parents. I just don't have enough room in my bedroom for piggies and I know they won't let me put them anywhere else! I don't have a job either (I go to school full-time), so my parents would be burdened with my pigs' vet expenses and I don't feel that would be fair. I also don't have enough time right now with going to school full-time and volunteering. So right now I'm just researching, but I figured I would join this forum because I already have tons of questions!

Thanks for listening to me ramble! lol

03-06-08, 09:00 pm
Welcome! I'm glad you thought everything through and made a responsible decision. I hope that it works out someday that you can become a proud piggy parent. :)

03-06-08, 09:36 pm
Welcome to the forum Amanda and Hallejueh, someone taking responsibility and not rushing into things they can't quite commit to at present. No denile, yay!

I'm sure we're all very happy to answer any questions you may ask.

03-06-08, 10:34 pm
Yeah I really wish I would have properly researched and thought everything through before getting a guinea pig. Luckily, everything is working out. I love my pigs to death and I am doing everything I can to step up to the plate and take responsibility for them. It's a good thing you found this site. Ask tons of questions and read as much as you can on here. Also, browse through the photos. I've found some really good ideas on there.

As far as money goes.....when I got my first pig I thought "this can't be as much as getting two cats" which is what I originally wanted. I cannot even admit to MYSELF how much I have spent so far. Mind you I could have saved a ton if I would have done my homework first. But, even if you do that, you will have vet bills, food, hay, supplies, bedding, etc.

And space.....well, as you have probably already figured out from this site, you need a bigger cage than what you would buy at a pet store. The minimum is posted on this site's homepage. However, if you're anything like me (and many others) you're going to want to add onto your cage more and more and more and.....

Welcome to the wonderful world of guinea pigs!