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03-06-08, 07:59 pm
I believe that my piggy has a URI. I came home today and his breathing sounded shallow and crackly. Our vet is out of town now, and we just saw him last week for a exam (No mites! Yay!) I know penicillin is deadly to piggies, so, until my vet gets back, does anyone have any temporary remedies?:?:

03-06-08, 08:14 pm
There are no temporary remedies. When is your vet going to get back and are there any other cavy savvy vets where you live?

Make sure to keep an eye on your pig and watch for signs like decreased eating, pooing, peeing and lethargy. See Guinea Lynx :: URI (http://www.guinealynx.info/uri.html) for more info.

03-07-08, 12:33 pm
I would suggest looking in your area for another pig savvy vet, by now the URI has probably been going on for about a week, since by the time people notice symptoms it has been going on for a while. My piggie is just recovering froma URI, and she had funny breathing with a crackly sound.