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12-08-04, 12:20 pm
I've created a new forum called "The Kitchen."

As hot topics or those about pet stores, breeding and showing come up across the forum, we will move those threads to the Kitchen.

That should help keep the rest of the forum a little 'friendlier' and also allow people to more easily find the related topics. Perhaps old discussions and debates can be read without starting them all over again.

As time permits, we'll go back through and move the older relevant posts into that forum.

If you have nominations of threads the belong in that forum, please reply here and include the link.

Thanks much,

12-09-04, 12:31 am
Awesome love the new forum. Great idea!

12-09-04, 12:57 am
I know this isn't a petstore or breeding debate, but pretty much still a debate that got really heated.
Presidential Election thread-

This wasn't really a debate but the person in this thread emailed an online store anout selling exercise balls when they are damaging to the cavies backs.

A thread about petco and how bad it is, some people didn't think theirs was bad others did etc.

12-09-04, 03:30 am
Good suggestions. Thanks. They've been moved.

12-10-04, 07:06 pm
In the vegetarian part there is a thread called "What can we do to stop this"

12-10-04, 08:18 pm
Thanks. I know about this one, but I don't plan on moving any of the vegetarian debates out of the vegetarian forum. I think it's more appropriate all of those debates stay in one place from a reference point of view.

12-19-04, 02:03 pm
Love the new forum. We have something like that in my forum. We call it the "Looney Bin".