View Full Version : Any Winnipeg guinea pig lovers?

12-08-04, 10:50 am
Was just checking to see if there are any winnipeg cavy owners. I am fairly new to guinea pigs, and it would be nice to find someone local.

01-18-05, 10:18 pm
Hi img99 I'm from Winnipeg. What area do you live in? I'm live near St. Boniface. I think we're the only two Winnipeggers as I haven't seen anyone else!

01-18-05, 10:27 pm
I'm in the North End, or nice North End, as I like to say, close to Arlington and Mountain. It's a nice neighbourhood, with a lot of our neighbours having lived here for 30+ years. A lot of dog lovers, us included.

01-18-05, 11:35 pm
There seems to be more cat owners in our neighbourhood. I see stray cats often in the summer and we feed them. Maybe that's why they keep dropping by!
I just got back from Walmart actually, where I bought the pigs some pellet food. Seems to be the cheapest place in town next to Petvalue.

piglet's mommy
07-16-05, 02:35 pm
Hey there! I'm from Winnipeg as well. Just joined today, so I'm just kind of exploring the site for now.

07-20-05, 10:10 am
Hi fellow Winnipeger, and how did you make out from the storm last weekend.

It was pretty messy at my end.

I haven't been on here in ages, too busy with children and pets!

I have learned a lot from here, and have two 2 x 3 c&c cages for my guys. And I just realized that with my new digital camera, I can post cage pics.

Hope to chat soon,


piglet's mommy
07-20-05, 08:07 pm
Being in the south end of the city, I think we were the ones who got drenched, but escaped most of the damage. I feel pretty lucky, especially from what I've read and seen on the news!

Piglet is my first piggie, so I've been getting used to his behaviours, noises and the like! It's nice to see that he's getting more friendly towards us, but seems to HATE being picked up! I'm not quite sure if that's something he's going to grow out of or what! If you have any experience or insight into this, let me know!

Talk to you again!

07-21-05, 08:40 am
I am fairly new to guinea pigs as well, only having our first over a year, but you do learn a lot from these forums.

From what I have experienced, most guinea pigs don't like to be picked up, but once you get them up they do like the cuddle time. It's the sensation of being off the ground with no control that bothers them.

Our second piggie, a resuce from the Humane Society, doesn't like to be petted in his cage, and runs for his life when you try to pick him up, but definitely loves his cuddles and under his chin rubbed, once you do catch him.

Glad to hear you had not major damage your end, and hopefully we'll chat more and get to know each other.

I'm a mom of 3 girls and it's my olders, 11, that talked me into guinea pigs, and she got me hooked. If I had a bigger house I'm sure I'd have more:)