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03-03-08, 08:46 pm
Walmart.com has the 4-color cubes for $10.96 right now. I was just wondering--how big is the opening for the Whitmor grids? I tried counting the openings on one edge (9) and dividing that into the length of the side (14.75") and got 1.6" or so, which I know is too big. I realize, though, that my method didn't take into account the fact that the wires themselves have thickness, which would result in smaller openings than that--I just don't know how much smaller. Or am I making this a lot more complicated than it needs to be?

03-03-08, 09:20 pm
xp i just bought the same exact grids for my GP's cage,and since's she's only a month old she can slip right through them,so i suggest to not buy them,unless you do have coroplast[which im currently looking for] and have a full grown adult GP,not only that but the grids and the connecters are hard to put together unless you have two people to help you set up the grids,and if you have small children,can be easily pulled down or apart.^_^ hopes this helps

03-03-08, 09:25 pm
I was planning on using cable ties, precisely because I've read so much about the connectors for these being horrid, so I'm not worried about that part. I don't have a guinea pig yet, because I want to get at least all the materials together first (I found local coroplast :-D).

03-03-08, 10:37 pm
As long as you do not have pregnant, very young, or baby pigs, those grids will work just fine.

03-03-08, 10:45 pm
Good, because that's the best deal I've found online, even though they're not offering the ship to store on those, so I'll have shipping to pay. Not much, though. I'm also going to look at some local stores that may have grids, but I have a feeling that I may not find any for cheaper. If I do end up getting little pigs, I can always baby-proof, I suppose.

Percy's Mom
03-04-08, 03:21 pm
The openings are usually between 1-1.5" if you just measure the opening, not the wires. For a teenage or adult pig, they will be fine. If you do get a young pup, you can babyproof by making your walls about 10" high, so the babies can not get through. You can do this by making 5-6" high coroplast walls and making the wall taller with scrap cardboard. That way, once the pups are big enough, you can remove the addition and not have to cut the coroplast again.

03-04-08, 03:54 pm
That's what I thought (though I didn't know how high I needed to go up to babyproof).

Percy's Mom
03-04-08, 04:01 pm
You want to cover as much of the grid as the pup might be able to reach and try to squeeze through.

03-04-08, 04:14 pm
That's good to know--and it's probably easier to clip cardboard to the top of the grids than partway down, anyway.