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02-29-08, 05:20 pm
Does anyone know if guinea pigs can get the flu? I just found out my sister has it and she is coming home tomorrow for spring break. I am very worried. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

02-29-08, 05:24 pm
Animals and humans can't pass infection/illnesses like the flu/colds/chicken pox/etc/etc to one another.

02-29-08, 05:27 pm
Birds can pass illnesses to humans same with humans to birds.

02-29-08, 06:14 pm
Pigs can get bacterial infections from us but not viral.

02-29-08, 09:02 pm
I apologize for my lack of clarity, I was (unsuccessfully) attempting to answer a question relating to guinea pigs and the flu. I did not take into consideration birds or bacterial infections as they did not relate directly to the question.

The answer to your question is simply, no.

Cowgirl and pigsforlife are both certainly correct, however. Stay away from diseased birds, and never rub staph infection on your piggers.


02-29-08, 09:28 pm
I am unsure how birds come into this.

02-29-08, 10:53 pm
If your sister has the flu which is caused by a virus but also has a bacterial infection, then the pigs could catch the bacterial infection.

03-01-08, 10:21 am
They can not catch the flu virus, but they can catch bacterial infections, which sometimes have symptoms very similar to having the flu or the cold.

My husband once thought he had the flu, but it must have been bacterial, because he passed it on to the pigs.

They should be okay, just ask her not to hold them, just in case, and keep an eye out for any extra sneezing, coughing, runny eyes, nose-rubbing etc. for the next few days.

If they do pick up a bit of an infection, it shouldn't be too serious, as long as you recognise the symptoms and act immediately.
Some Baytril for a few days should clear it right up. :)

03-01-08, 10:42 am
Sorry about bringing birds into this thread......

03-04-08, 10:43 pm
Thanks everyone for your advice. My sister has gotten better and my pigs stayed healthy (as did I... I was a bit worried I'd get it, too). My sister was actually tested and positively diagnosed for the flu, so I am fairly certain that's what it really was (not a bacterial infection). I will keep the bacterial thing in mind for the future. Thanks again!