View Full Version : Wood Stove Pellets?

12-07-04, 06:00 pm
Does anyone here use them? How do they work? Do they dissolve when wet like Feline Pine does? Bedding is getting too expensive with so many pigs and I was looking at them at Lowes the other day. They had a 40lb bag for $3.78. How many bags would it take to fill 3, 2x5's?

Any other advice is welcome.

12-14-04, 10:10 am
I know Tractor Supply Company (TSC) has kiln dried wood shavings (not cedar) for under $5 a bag for a which when unpack is about 6 cubic feet...a bag that size covers my 4x5 cage nicely..I switched to this because I want to get away from pine and carefesh was costing me way to much for a big cage...not sure if this is the best option but it is better than the pine shavings and I know the wood pellets tend to be very heavy.

12-14-04, 11:56 am
If you want to go with the stove pellets, make sure you get the kind that has no fuel or fire starter in them.

12-14-04, 12:08 pm
A number of people swear by them. For me, they are too heavy. But if I only had one or two cages to worry about, I'd give it a go.

12-14-04, 12:58 pm
I use them (only in the winter because thats the only time I can get them) and then throw some shavings on top (for the piggs feet), they work well. Yes they disolve like Feline Pine, but they seem to be more absorbent. And yes what CavySpirit said about them being heavy is true, but since I clean my cages in the house (no carrying the cages outside), it works out great.

I don't have any 2x5 cages, but I have a 2x4 and a 40lb bag will fill it up twice, and then I will still have a little left over.
I buy mine at Lowes, they are $3 and some odd amount of cents.