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02-24-08, 06:49 pm
Please Help Midwest Win a Shelter Makeover!

Midwest Rabbit Rescue is a large no-kill rescue. They have a central shelter and foster homes for the rabbits, which are often rescued from kill shelters when their time is up. Midwest is in Michigan but helps out other areas as needed, including quite a few rabbits from Chicago kill shelters. Check out their website and all their adoptable rabbits on Petfinder: Index (http://rabbitrr.org/index.html)

Pet Product Reviews, Pet News and Videos, Animal Services, ZooToo.com (http://www.zootoo.com) Out of over 900 registered shelter across the country, Midwest is ranked at around 24!

Midwest needs your help! The top 20 shelters with the most points win. The shelter with the most points wins a 1,000,000 Makeover! The runner up wins a 10,000 makeover and the top 18 shelters will receive a 5,000 makeover. This would make a world of difference for the bunnies at Midwest.

Also for you rabbit lovers, this is the only rabbit rescue anywhere near the top of the list. Rabbits aren't represented very much on the ZooToo site at all, and we rabbit lovers are trying to change that while helping Midwest at the same time. Midwest might be close to the top, but there's a month left to go and they don't have as many people signed up as some of the other rescues. That means that in crunch time at the end, with limited points available per person per day, Midwest might be passed up by other rescues.

How can you help?

Click on zootoo Registration (http://www.zootoo.com/register/referrer/midwestrabbitrr) and sign up. Midwest gains points for every person who joins through them, and for any activity that you do on the site, so the more you do the more Midwest gains! Be sure to use the above link as it will give them more points for a friend referral. Choose Midwest Rabbit Rescue as the rescue you will support for the Makeover contest.

Continue to gain more points for Midwest by doing more on ZooToo. Midwest gets points when you do, so you can post reviews of products (limit 10/day), pictures (10/day) and videos (5/day) of your pets using products, and discuss ZooToo news (25/day).

This is something so small you can do to help an awesome rescue who does so much. Please forward to your friends and family and ask if they will help. The deadline for this contest is March 31 so sign up today!

Thank you so much!

03-28-08, 08:51 pm
Help Fight Bunny Discrimination!!

Hi all,

We really need to try and help the only bunny rescue in the running secure a position in the Top 20 of the Zootoo Shelter Makeover contest. More volunteers to help spread the word this FINAL weekend would really help!

If anybody can post the following (or any other post drawing attention to the rabbit cause) on any rabbit newsgroups, websites, mailing lists, etc, they may be part of that would be awesome! (More suggestions below).

Help Fight Bunny Discrimination!!

A new, very well-funded start-up, ZooToo.com, is really making a lot of noise in the pet world, especially with a ‘Shelter Makeover Contest’ that promises a million dollar makeover to a winning shelter and prizes of $5000 each to 19 runner-ups.

Unfortunately, rabbits are drastically under-represented, and it appears they’re being intentionally discriminated against. There’s only one rabbit rescue in the running – Midwest Rabbit Rescue in Michigan. Midwest, after much effort, they have a shot at finishing in the Top 20.

But it seems that some Zootoo members don’t consider rabbits legitimate pets, they’re ‘flagging’ tons of posts that earn the rescue points and posting rude comments (referring to rabbit meat and dog training tools, etc). Midwest has been dropping in the standings.

(Insult to injury, the company itself features cats, dogs, horses, reptiles and birds on their home page, but no rabbits).

We REALLY need to raise awareness for our little friends, particularly on sites like Zootoo. Awareness means better vet care, more products, more adoptions, more donations.. the list goes on.

The best way to get their attention is to join the site with Midwest as your sponsor (that’s worth 200 points to them) and then do what you can (product reviews, news comments, etc) to continue earning points for the rescue.

To sign up at ZooToo.com (and don’t worry, they don’t spam their members or anything), use the referral site: http://www.zootoo.com/register/referrer/midwestrabbitrr (http://www.zootoo.com/register/referrer/midwestrabbitrr.)

If you register with the Midwest zipcode (48170), you can also sign up as a volunteer (another 100 points).

Only one person can sign up per email address, but you can have your whole family join as long as they have different email addresses. It’s only open to US residents, so you must list a US location.

All efforts will be appreciated by the thousands of bunnies that go through the tiny, cramped warehouse space That Midwest calls home. (It doesn’t even have a bathroom!)

Rabbits must rule!!

More info at Midwest's site... http://www.rabbitrr.org (http://www.rabbitrr.org)


If you belong to any groups that aren't rabbit related (or you can't ask the members for a favor), if they'll allow a signature, here's a suggestion:

For rabbit sites:

Help A Rabbit Rescue Win A Zootoo.com Shelter Makeover!
Free and easy, just sign up (before March 31). see http://www.rabbitrr.org (http://www.rabbitrr.org/) for details!


Help Midwest Rabbit Rescue Win A Zootoo.com Shelter Makeover!
Free and easy, just sign up (before March 31). see http://www.rabbitrr.org (http://www.rabbitrr.org/) for details!


The biggest pay offs can come from the largest communities, so this weekend (THE LAST CHANCE!) please make as many postings on Craig's List in major markets and on other high-traffic sites (kijiji.com, Freecycle, etc).

It should qualify in two CL categories, Pets and Volunteers. (The two categories must have different wording so it's not auto flagged as a repeat).


Pets Categoy:

Attn: Rabbit Lovers (or Fans or Slaves or.. )

A rabbit rescue, Midwest in Plymouth, Michigan, stands a chance at winning a Shelter Makeover from a major new pet site, Zootoo.com, but they need your help. All you have to do is sign up with the link below and they'll get 200 points. (They're the only rabbit rescue in the running). Every vote counts.
Sign up using this link: http://www.zootoo.com/register/referrer/midwestrabbitrr (http://www.zootoo.com/register/referrer/midwestrabbitrr)
Then scroll down the page to No. 3, post the shelter's zipcode, 48170, and pick Midwest Rabbit Rescue from the list. That's all there is to it. Once you sign up, if you have the time, you can earn the shelter even more points by reviewing products, commenting on news, etc. Please also get your friends, relatives and fellow rabbit lovers to do the same.
The bunnies thank you!

Volunteers Category:

Online Help Needed For Rabbit Rescue

A rabbit rescue, Midwest in Plymouth, Michigan, stands a chance at winning a Shelter Makeover from Zootoo.com, but they need your help! All you have to do is sign up with the link below and they'll get 200 points. (They're the only rabbit rescue that stands a chance). Once you sign up, doing other things to help generate points -- product reviews, news story comments, getting friends and family to join, etc -- would be even more helpful.
Please use this link:
http://www.zootoo.com/register/referrer/midwestrabbitrr (http://www.zootoo.com/register/refer...strabbitrr)
During the sign-up process (it's short, don't worry), scroll down to #3 and enter the shelter's zipcode, 48170, and pick Midwest from the list.
Your assistance greatly appreciated. Rabbits are the underdog!


The more posts on Bunspace, MySpace or any other networking sites the better, even if it's just generating discussion of somebody else's post.


Even if people have already posted on other websites, forums, maiiling lists, Google or Yahoo Groups, please respond to their posts, that will bump up the original and server as a reminder. Also post any of the above as new information in an old thread.


Just getting warm bodies to join is worth a lot! A new member joining with Midwest as the referral and signing up as a volunteer takes less than five minutes and generates a very high 300 points.

Let's bring this baby home!

03-29-08, 05:46 pm
I went and registered under my email and my husband's. Maybe that will help. Good luck to them!

03-30-08, 06:48 am
Thanks so much! They'll need it. :( All the bunny volunteers are doing dog, cat and bird stuff for their product reviews, if they review anything rabbit related, 50/50 chance it will be pulled. It's heartbreaking after all the work these folks have put in.

Here's my new Groups sig, which everybody is welcome to steal.

** Help the Only Rabbit Rescue in the Running Win A Zootoo.com Makeover!
Free and easy, just sign up (before March 31) using the link on the MW website, http://www.rabbitrr.org (http://www.rabbitrr.org/), or http://www.zootoo.com/register/referrer/midwestrabbitrr (http://www.zootoo.com/register/referrer/midwestrabbitrr), enter 48170 as
the shelter zip and pick Midwest from the pull-down list. Then earn another easy 100 points by adding your skills to the volunteer profile at
http://www.zootoo.com/volunteer/ (http://www.zootoo.com/volunteer/).**