View Full Version : Hand-Foot-Mouth disease?

02-24-08, 10:55 am
Can guinea pigs catch this from humans? I was exposed to a confirmed case of hand, foot and mouth disease at my job and have one of the symptoms. I do have someone at home who can care for my pig if I shouldn't touch him.

02-24-08, 11:01 am
I would stay well away from them.. Its not worth the risk really.

02-24-08, 01:45 pm
What is the symptoms of this disease? I've never heard about it until your post. I would definitely let someone care for the piggies just in case.

02-24-08, 03:17 pm
I have never heard of this. But honestly, to be on the safe side, I would not handle them until you know it is safe.
Have a friend or someone take care of them.

bunnys n pigs
02-24-08, 03:24 pm
I`ve had it before.
I think the illness can only be passed to human cells though.
For now , you can take a best guess that your piggies are safe :) .
For those who don`t know about the illness , it effects humans by making hands , feet , and their mouths sensitive and in some cases , causes sores to those areas.

02-24-08, 03:45 pm
Your piggies will probably be ok since cavies cannot catch most diseases, but just to be sure you can call your vets office and see what they say.

02-24-08, 04:11 pm
Is this disease bacterial or viral? Pigs can catch bacterial infections but not viral infections.

02-24-08, 05:07 pm
It's a viral infection according to MedlinePlus. It's not a disease adults get very often - it spreads where babies and toddlers are together a lot, and one infection provides immunity, like chicken pox.

02-24-08, 07:36 pm
Since it's viral, there should be no way for your pig to get it.

02-25-08, 11:54 am
If you are concerned, wear gloves when touching your pigs and their food, environment etc. - that's the main precaution I'd take.

If it comforts you any - my toddler brother and sister had a nasty case of it last year, they live in the same house as the pigs, and the pigs were in no way affected. I had a few tiny blisters on my hands and tongue but nothing more. As the main caregiver for the pigs (and second-main cregiver for twins) I was heavily involved in both.