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Pigs N Blankets
02-21-08, 09:16 pm
I just had my 5 month old guinea pig neutered last friday, and today I noticed about a quarter size red spot on his skin, and it looked like he may have been loosing more hair than usual in his cage. I read that things can happen to their skin when they're maturing or after neutering with hormones, but I'm worried that this isn't normal. What kind of skin diseases could it be and what can I do to stop it?

02-21-08, 09:19 pm
Can you post a picture of the affected area? Most of the people that can help would appreciate a picture so they know what they are dealing with!

Pigs N Blankets
02-21-08, 09:21 pm
Sure! I will post the picture momentarily.

Pigs N Blankets
02-21-08, 09:38 pm
I'm sorry, I can't figure out how to upload a photo; I've tried several different things with no luck.

02-21-08, 11:07 pm
Please post your questions in the appropriate forum section. This one has nothing to do with diet or nutrition so I'm moving it. Thanks.

Here's a thread on how to post photos in threads.