View Full Version : Minimum Requirements for Boars & Sows

02-20-08, 08:33 pm
I've heard a lot of people talking recently about this square footage is the minimum for three sows, but this square footage is the minimum square footage for three boars. I've tried looking, so forgive me I've overlooked something, but are there any charts for cage requirements for both sexes separately?

02-20-08, 08:44 pm
I've always understood that boars need more room to get away from one another. This is especialy true if they are still new to each other. I can't remember any specific numbers....maybe boars should never be housed in the minimum shown on the chart?

02-20-08, 08:47 pm
I don't believe there are seperate charts for the genders. But with boars more space is needed because they are more territorial than sows are. If there is not enough room for the boars they are more likely fight. If you have 3 boars I would go with at least a 2x5 and with 3 sows a 2x4 should be sufficient. I would say why not build them as big of a cage as you have room for? Weather that means a 5x10 or a 2x5 or whatever. I only go with as big as I can find to put the cage so thats how I determine how big of a cage I build for my piggies.

02-20-08, 08:53 pm
I agree with you, Henle. If I could, the pigs would have their own room. But until college is through and I get my own pad, they must share a room with little ol' me. My poor piggy... :p

I know that boars require more space, but I was curious if there was an actual list/chart that went past the basic 1-4 count and/or gender-neutral cage requirements, so we all could stop bugging the forum about it. lol