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10-30-02, 12:53 am

Incredulous, semcavylover, and the rest of the posters who took part in the "The baby was doing just fine for 9 days. but she died?" thread have all kept peace since that thread. Stop correcting all of my posts. I wouldn't write it, if I didn't mean it. You, my child, were wrong on the C&C cage subject(you know which one).

If you don't like my posts, then ignore me. I will do the same to you from here on out since talking with an illiterate brat brings down my spirits. The holidays are coming up and you need to lighten up!

[/b]--The Star Gardener / SuperCavyLover[i]

cavy crazy
04-21-03, 02:35 pm
[/u]You were wrong and you know it. The holes in the grid are to big to contain gerbils, hamsters, mice and even ferrets!!! they are great for pigs, rabbits and mabye even chinchillas but not any smaller. Even if you made the coroplast tall, they would chew through it, and they can jump up to two and a half feet straight up!!!!!! they can just walk through the grids!! Just give up and admit your wrong[code]