View Full Version : Neutering, how safe is it?

02-16-08, 01:19 pm
My male (who's been renamed Mr. Mister) is 5 months old, we have him and Miss Piggy in a 2x4 divided c&c cage. I think they would be happier being together but I hate putting Mr. Mister through the danger/trauma/stress of neutering when they seem to be doing alright being devided. Actually he seems much more interested in her than she seems in him lol

Is neutering safe? I know there's some danger, there is with any surgery, but is the risk minimal? I'd rather leave them devided than risk my little man's life.

Also, lately he's been lunging at my hand when I put it in his cage for any reason, he doesn't actually chomp down, but he puts his teeth on me and threatens to bite. Is that a normal male piggy behavior? Is he just being protective of his territory? Would neutering help stop this? What age is best to have it done?

02-16-08, 01:31 pm
Hi Fazie, I had two of my boys neutered, we had problems with Basil he had to have two more ops because he got a very nasty abcess, Mario sailed through it no problems at all, can be dangerous but your vet should give a pre op examination, the boys had thiers the day before. They are fine now and a bit quieter, Mario still tries to mount the girls then forgets what he is doing. One of my other boys used to lunge and bite seemed to be when a girl had been past, but he's settled down now. It's lovely when boy and girl are paired together they really seem to love each other,

02-16-08, 03:17 pm
I had a bad experience with neutering, my boy chewed his foot off and had to be put down. Many people have good luck though. Have you thought about expanding a bit or stacking two cages and getting another male and female? Then you wouldn't have to risk surgery, and they would both have a new friend. If the cages were stacked you might have fewer problems with "lunging" and such. The more the merrier I always say.

02-16-08, 04:16 pm
Neutering does carry a risk as with all surgeries performed. It is a small risk though. Spaying carries a higher risk.

If you could find a very cavy savvy vet who has performed this type of surgery successfully many, many times then I'd say go for it if you can.

You say that they are in a divided 2x4? That means they each only have about a 2x2 space which is smaller than we recommend. If you get Mr. Mister neutered and open up the space after his little spermies die off, 3 weeks after surgery, then they would both have a much larger space to play in.

02-16-08, 09:53 pm
I had a really good vet. Mine came through sooooo easy. Just make sure they give you the proper pain meds for after. He now loves living with the ladies.