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02-12-08, 10:01 pm
Hi everyone,

Have not been on the forum in ages due to alot of things... but I need someone who would be willing to look after my guinea pigs for me while I move house.

I was planning to move next month but all the money I saved $2, 500 was stolen so now thats delayed even further.

My current pig sitter she can no longer look after them for me due to family reasons.

I have the cage, food etc and am willing to pay boarding/care fees.

Anyone interested or who knows of anyone who can help would you please reply and let me know? I need someone by th 21st Feb at the latest.



02-12-08, 10:04 pm
ACS can board pigs (I know their main centre in Brisbane does, they have 3 other branches and I am not sure if they do as well). I would contact Jess (founder of ACS) and ask her to send out an email to all the sydney members on their mailing list. Are you a member on ACS? If not I can find and pm you her email address?

02-13-08, 08:15 pm
Thanks for the reply,

I've had Jess help before in getting my pig sitter now, but not many people seem to help to be able to take them in. I''ll email her again. :optimist:

Hopefully someone wil be able to take them in. I know the wollongong rescue couldnt take them in last time which wasnt that long ago. My last option would be to ship them but i'd rather not put them under the stress.

Hopesfully someone will be able to help.

02-18-08, 04:32 am
Hi, It's been almost a year since I've been on here and the formats changed heaps. Anyway to the point. Have you tried Bree at the Care Rescue? She's based in the Shire. She may be able to help you. How long are you needing a sitter for?

02-20-08, 07:23 pm

Yes I haven't been on here in ages as well! Looks very different but I still like the theme.

Yes ive tried bree at the care rescue and ive also tried the rescue at wollongong. I've rung all the vets in my area, and even tried some pet sitting places but no one has room or they can't take 3 guinea pigs in.

Its just frustrating because i'm so close to my moving date where they will have their permanent home. I dont need them looked after for very long... only until the middle of march.

Hopefully I get some replies soon. My current pig sitter has been so generous and offered to keep them a little longer but I don't want to put anymore strain on her at the moment.

Thanks all,


02-20-08, 10:50 pm
Awww! That's so sad...for me - I would have loved to pet-sit them!! But I don't live in Australia!!