View Full Version : hello from Greece

02-12-08, 06:21 am

I am a new piggy father from Athens, Greece. In my country there is no organized guinea pig fans community but it is very fortunate that this community covers the interest of cavy parents :D

nice to meet you, photos of my kids are coming soon to my album.

02-12-08, 06:27 am
Hello and welcome! I am so glad you have come to join us. There is a lot of valuable information here to read. Check it out and ask questions as they arise!

Good luck and happy reading!

Oh and I am looking forward to seeing your piggies pigtures!!!

02-12-08, 12:57 pm
Welcome, I think you'll love it on here, everyone's so nice and helpful. We would love to see pigtures of your pig(s). We go gaga over cute piggy pictures!