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02-11-08, 11:04 am
I have gotten my boy a month ago, and he's gotten bigger. It's time for him to get a new cage, and I'm really interested in the C&C cages. So I'm heading over to Target with my mom to get some cubes.

My question is, though, can I use something else for the bottom besides coroplast? I don't think I will be able to get any anytime soon, and would still like to build this cage for him, because he's still in his starter-kit cage.

Also, I'm pretty sure, from what I have read, that at Target, you only get 6 cubes. How big is this? A pic? Thank you! Any tips for building the cage would be appreciated.

P.S: This cage will be closed, because I have dogs.

Thanks agian. :)

02-11-08, 11:29 am
1 box is enough grids to do a 2x3 with a top and a bottom and you will have 1 grid left.

You can also do a 2x4 but you won't have enough for a top and a bottom. You can always use that wire closet shelving for a lid. If you get it from Home Depot or Lowes, they will cut it to whatever length you need free. Get the 16 inch wide shelf.

Or get a couple of boxes and you can do a 2x4 with a lid and a bottom AND have a some left over to make a floor time pen.

For a substitute for the coroplast you can use cardboard but you will have to cover it with a tarp or painters drop cloth or a $1 shower curtain so that the urine can't get to it and ruin it. I would try to use the heavier gauge plastic sheeting that you can get at Walmart. You should be able to find it in the paint/home repair isle. You can get it at Home Depot also.

Check out the galleries and you will see a lot of examples.

02-11-08, 11:39 am
Thanks! You answered all my questions. :)

02-11-08, 10:54 pm
Please keep in mind that even a closed cage is not enough to protect guinea pigs from dogs. I have read too many tragedies in the "In Memory" forum. Your dogs should never have access to the room the piggies are in. Dogs are hunters by instinct, and guinea pigs are prey. Even if you have introduced the piggies to the dogs and the seem to get along great, they should never, ever have access to the pig room unattended.

02-11-08, 11:07 pm
I agree with PhoenixFeather some what although do believe that it differs from case to case.

Past the foyer, the kitchen, living room, dining room and games room is all open plan (then you go through the sliding door just before the games room to the bedrooms, laundry, bathroom etc). My 2 dogs are about 38 cm tall, and between 7 and 8 kgs in weight. And they are inside dogs. Therefore they have access to the same room as the pigs but are never there when we are not there and watching.

Now my girls cage is a 2.5x4.5 with a weld mesh roof. The dogs can and do jump on top, the roof does not cave in and they do not faze the girls. We retrieve them as soon as they jump on or even go close to their cage.

The other day Buttercup was up on the lazy lounge and Jack came along. She turned, saw him there and stood on her hind legs. Jack put his nose forward and Buttercup did the same until their noses were touching.

My case works fine, but I still know that pigs are prey animals and dogs have that killer instinct no matter how friendly they are. Therefore I am always on my toes. There is no possible way to block the dogs from going to the games room so I just have to be vigilant.

02-12-08, 01:59 am
You can also use linolium for the bottom.

02-12-08, 03:53 pm
Okay, i'm done with building the cage. (I still need a bottom, though.) This is only housing one piggie until I can get my boy a playmate.

Also. Questions on how to build a second level. I just want to have a bit of a second story, big enough I can put a hidey house on.. is there any pics or somebody who can explain to me how to do this? Here is the pic of my cage:

02-12-08, 03:59 pm
Also, the date on the camera is wrong, if you guys are wondering. :p

02-12-08, 04:44 pm
I'm a little concerned about those cords draping near the cage....It's pretty easy to make a second story, but I don't think you want ME to explain it, it will just confuse you, I have to actually, physically show someone how to do something.

02-12-08, 05:06 pm
I'm a little concerned about those cords draping near the cage....It's pretty easy to make a second story, but I don't think you want ME to explain it, it will just confuse you, I have to actually, physically show someone how to do something.

I agree to the cord part. I'm moving the cage anyway, that's just where I finished it. Anybody is welcome to explaining it, as I need advice.

02-12-08, 05:15 pm
Let me at least try to explain it. You put a grid (or grids) on top of what you have already built (vertically), and snap it into the connectors and put a grid down for the floor, horizontally, and snap it into the connnectors, than you make a ramp, not to steep of course! Did I confuse you? Sorry if I did! Try looking at photos in the photo gallery of 2 story cages, for an idea of how to do one.