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02-10-08, 03:29 am
Hey, im new here and i dont have a bunny but im going to get one soon...

just wondering if i can use fleece blankets instead of bedding?

Cavy Carnage
02-10-08, 08:33 am
Yes you can use fleece in a rabbits cage, its best if you use towels under it especially if your rabbit isn't litter trained yet. I would suggest keeping an eye out that the rabbit isn't chewing at the fleece, if he/she is I would change bedding material. Also some rabbits just don't like fleece flooring and prefer just the plastic base of the cage so long as there is enough traction so they don't slide everywhere, of course if the rabbit is not litter trained at first not having any bedding at all would not be very wise.

02-10-08, 01:12 pm
Okay thanks :)
I deffinatly plan on using liners then to save money.... Too bad my guinea pig isn't litter trained
Well i plan on making them both cages i have seen on here.

02-10-08, 08:36 pm
Fleece is great for the cage floor for some rabbits, but it isn't a replacement for litter in the litter box. I don't think it can stand up to a rabbit's larger bladder, at least not in my experience. In any case, many rabbits don't like having bedding such as Carefresh or aspen shavings all over the floor. They tend to just push it aside to lie on the bare floor. All my rabbits have textured linoleum floors (non-slip) with grass rugs to lie on in part of the cage and litter only in the litter boxes. And even though they have the comfy, soft grass rugs I often see them sprawled out on the bare floor or bare wooden shelves.

I don't usually like using non-edible bedding for my rabbits since I can't watch them 24/7, but I do use fleece in my foster bun's cage. She is in a slippery floored dog crate and really needs more traction. I just couldn't find anything else that would work on short notice, and as it turns out she doesn't chew it at all. But she is the least destructive rabbit I have ever met. I use binder clips to keep the fleece in place.

As long as the cage is checked for wet spots twice a day or so, I see no problem with having no litter on the floor for a rabbit that is still learning to be litter trained. In my experience it actually helps them learn. Pee goes in litter, litter is in litter box (not all over the floor). (Or pee goes in that corner, litter box is in that corner.) Poop goes by hay while they're eating it, hay is in litter box. = Pee and poop go in litter box. And urine on a bare floor is easily cleaned up with a paper towel and some vinegar.

02-10-08, 08:53 pm
It depends on the rabbit. Most will dig at it and may chew it up, and ingest it, which can give them a blockage.

02-10-08, 10:34 pm
So what kind of littter do you prefer??? Also are you saying i should put the hay in the litter box or on a rack of the wall next to the litter box?
Cause i think if its in the litter box it may get a little poopy... lol.
any more advise??

Also do you know of any forums for rabbits?