View Full Version : cozies? fish cozies?

02-09-08, 11:13 pm
Does anyone no someone who makes cozies? And where are you guys getting those lovely fish cozies?!

02-09-08, 11:16 pm
I could sew a cozy for you and mail it...I've sewn for 4 years now. PM me if you want to.

(Normal cozies though, I have no idea where to get the cool fish cozies.)

02-10-08, 02:00 pm
The fish cozy is from Petsmart, I think some people have also found it at Petco too. It's actually a ferret bed.
As for people who make regular cozies, the Weaver cozies are quite nice The Cozy Cavy - Home (http://cozycavy.com/)

02-10-08, 04:28 pm
Drs. Foster and Smith have some cozies that look very comfy.

You can also look at Jeffers Pet and they have hammock that you can suspend from the top of the cage. (Make sure that they are not too high up)

You can even make your own. Ly&Pigs pu up a sticky thread on how to make your own Cozies.

I found it to be very helpful and will use it if I make my own cozy.

I believe it is at the top of the Sticky Threads on Accessories.

You could go to a fabric store (Joann Fabric), buy the style you want and make it.

I hope this helps.:)