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02-09-08, 09:56 pm
I heard that boars get something called impaction often.
What is it?
and how do I get rid of it?

02-09-08, 10:28 pm
One of my boys gets impactions. I would suggest a monthly bum bum clean out to keep the chances of impactions lower. If you've never done this you simply use mineral oil, you can find it at grocery stores and WalMart, it's clear like water and is very cheap. I take a Qtip and dip in the mineral oil, I'll have my husband hold the boys so they're laying on their backs, and you gently insert into their bum area and I make gentle circles in there. Most times you will only have a little residue of poop, maybe a little hair and if you use shavings there may be a little of that.

I've heard a few people say that fleece bedding helps keep the risk of impaction down as well. I switched to fleece over a month ago and really recommend it. They love it as well. One of my new boys has to have a weekly bum clean out because he gets impactions. Usually when I clean him out there's just a little residue of poops and the next day I'll see where he's passed clumps of poops. His first mom got him used to being cleaned and he'll lay on his back and not make a peep til I'm done. The first time you do it to a boar they will really wriggle and probably wheek. If you do in gently you're not going to hurt them, I would wheek if someone put a Qtip in my bum too!:ohmy:

02-09-08, 10:50 pm
Thank you. Yeah, my piggie is four years old and I got him a couple weeks ago and I don't see any poop clumps in his cage.
Oh that's good, because I use fleece!

02-09-08, 11:34 pm
I don't know much about impaction, but here's a good article: Guinea Lynx :: Impaction (http://www.guinealynx.com/impaction.html)

Overall, GuineaLynx is an excellent site on guinea pigs health, and will be useful for future reference.
Goodluck :)