View Full Version : Searching for Piggys in Tampa Florida area

12-05-04, 12:14 am
Anyone have adoptable piggys in or around the Tampa florida area?

12-05-04, 12:17 am
Look on www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com) and email [email protected] ([email protected]). She is a rescuer in Tampa. Have you tried your local animal shelter or bunny rescue? They sometimes get piggies.

12-05-04, 03:19 pm
Look on www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com) classifieds and adoptables. Look on www.cavyrescue.com (http://www.cavyrescue.com) classifieds and rescue listings. Look in the yellow pages or on google for shelters.

12-06-04, 01:42 pm
If you're in Tampa, then a little trip up north to Gainesville might be worth your while. Linkage to Gainesville Guinea Pig Rescue below.


I have adopted two pigs from GGPR and have visited the rescue. I can personally vouch for the pigs there.

12-08-04, 09:37 pm
Hi If you can travel to gainesville I have some guinea pigs for adoption.
1 male teddy about 9 months old. very sweet, gets along well with other pigs.
2 male cornets they are 2 weeks old now and will be ready in a couple weeks, very sweet,
adoptions fee is 10.00
email me for pictures
thanks Alberta

12-11-04, 05:45 pm
T_T anyone else?

12-11-04, 06:53 pm

12-11-04, 10:18 pm
What do you mean? None of those piggies work out for you?

12-11-04, 10:44 pm
Ill make my reasons a bit clearer. I just dont really want girls. Iv e always gotten along with male pets better and in my experience theyve always been sweeter and more affectionate. I may crack and just get two girls but In the searches in petfinder and local piggy rescues most of the piggies are sick or injured and ask for experienced owners. Also im trying to be thurough and know as much as i can about the prospective piggies temperments so that There is no fighting! Im just having a lot of trouble too with people not emailing back and piggies keep getting claimed before I manage to get a reply.

v_v I hope I dont sound selfish or something...

12-11-04, 11:25 pm
Oh, okay. That's cool. Usually people don't want boars, but sows.

Is this place near you at all?


12-11-04, 11:31 pm
=O THEM! I emailed them a while ago and still have recieved no answer!

12-11-04, 11:34 pm
Oh. Have you tried calling? Getting shelters to respond to emails is hard. They may be too busy or something.

Is it really far from you? Sometimes it is better to go in person, but if it's far you should try to call and see if they have any piggies.

If you go to www.petharbor.com (http://www.petharbor.com/) and enter your zip code, you can find nearby shelters. Just enter rodent when you search and you should get gps.

12-11-04, 11:45 pm
I was actually planning on calling a few places tommorow since its late now. Im just not very good at like...talking on the phone. O_o i know that probably sounds wierd but its just something that makes me uncomfortable...

*ahem* anyway.

*searches site*

well the only ones i could see are...3-4 hourse away. *looking at mapquest at same time* And One of the piggies Isnt even sexed...

12-20-04, 07:13 pm
Setsuna, what part of Tampa are you in? I have a 1 year old male guinea, a little shy but sweet, who just lost his buddy a couple weeks ago. I don't want to get another from the pet store, but I'm not having any luck finding one to adopt near to Tampa, myself (Gainville is a l'il bit far away for me to drive). Do you already have one that could buddy up with him? I'd be willing to adopt him out instead of getting a second, if so.. :)

12-21-04, 02:55 pm
Im sorry but i Just adopted my Two rescues yesterday. I dont have room for more than that right now. Maybe someday!

12-21-04, 07:12 pm
That's okay.. I'll just keep looking for a local one to adopt as a buddy. I give it another two weeks (which I think would be enough time to make sure Hee doesn't have the same thing his bro did) before I just go buy one from the pet shop and pray I'm not getting a girl (the last 'boy' I got - I swear it had a little bump that came out like a boy and everything - ended up with 4 babies...). Good luck with your two! :)

Hrm.... ooor... I could maybe pick one up at the Gainsville place when I go up to visit my friend in Tallahassee next week.. I /think/ Gainsville is the one on the way up there, not Jacksonville.. I always get the two confused..

12-22-04, 03:18 pm
Did you email [email protected] ([email protected])? She is a rescuer in Tampa.

12-22-04, 04:21 pm
Yup.. she still hasn't emailed me back yet. :)

01-06-05, 06:52 am
I live in Port Charlotte and Have a 1 yr old male. I just recently found out the he is a boar. I have 3 pigs and 1 is pregnant. My other pig is a sow since she had a baby (it's the boar). Let me know if any one is interested. Also babies will be available when ready.

01-06-05, 04:32 pm
I live in Port Charlotte and Have a 1 yr old male. I just recently found out the he is a boar. I have 3 pigs and 1 is pregnant. My other pig is a sow since she had a baby (it's the boar). Let me know if any one is interested. Also babies will be available when ready.
Oh! I'm interested in the boar! I have one around the same age who is /badly/ in need of a buddy :)

01-06-05, 07:36 pm
I'll post a picture

01-08-05, 07:21 pm
I'll post a picture

01-19-05, 09:03 am
The Pinellas County SPCA has GP's looking for homes. You can find them through Petfinder.org.

11-03-05, 02:27 pm
I have 2 neutered boys who need a new home. I'm moving across the country in about 6 months and in with my boyfriend who has a dog that cannot leave them alone.:weepy: Making them live in a seperate room and hoping she never gets them isn't any kind of nice life for them.

Their names are Arthur and Benton, both sweet with lots of spunk. They are abyssinian and Arthur is the best looking pig I've ever seen (they're all cute, he's just handsome). I'm not interested in "selling" them, they're free to a good home. My boyfriend suggested putting up flyers in the apartment complex, but the kids in my neighborhood that I've met are all brats. I want my boys to go to a good home with no harrassment. I live in Palm Harbor, FL (which is about 20 minutes from Tampa) and all of their stuff (cage, favorite cardboard tube, play pen, carrier for the vet, etc) will be included. Arthur is about 1.5 years old and Benton right about 1. They *could be split up (I think Arthur was always disgruntled with me that I didn't bring him home a girl) but Benton would have to go to a home with another pig, he's always had his brother (at the humane society) or Arthur there with him. I won't give away Arthur alone first though, if someone wants him and not Benton, they would have to wait until I found a new home for Benton so he wouldn't be alone after Arthur was gone.

They both like to be held, they've had baths and are pretty good about it, and Arthur loves oranges and Benton's addiction is carrots.

If anyone thinks they could give my boys a new home, please email me at: [email protected] and put something about adopting in the subject line so I know what it's about (too much spam now-a-days) and I'll send you pictures.