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02-02-08, 05:02 pm
I am finally getting a new cage. I use to have a store bought one that was way to small even for the one cavy I had. My cavy, Star, died almost a year ago. I finally decided to get two new cavies since I found I missed the compony and comfort they can provide.

After reading a few books and looking around this site I have seen that I was doing it all wrong, I feel badly for my Star now and I am suprised she survived those seven years without illness.

I have chucked my way to small store bought cage and am going for a C&C cage. I love a building project :D . I live around a Target, Costco, Walmart, Bed bath& Beyond and other store that sell cubes so those should be no problem. However, I cannot find Chloroplast anywhere. All the local sign store turned me away, even the one that has been working for my families buisness for years! I do not want to make a purchase online and have it shipped because the large size means more money. I just got a raise at work but even so, I hope there is an alternative. I want something that is easy to clean and wont hold the smeel of urine.

In addition to a Chloroplast alternative I want to know about bedding. I always used 'Carefresh' and It was just fine for me. (Except when Star would popcorn or run and accidentially kick it, and her poop, out of the cage) Is Fleece any better? Is there a difference in the ease of cleaning, smells, or anything like that?

Sorry for the extra long thread, I tend to ramble, but those are my two questions.

Fleece or Bedding?

Alternatives to Chloroplast.

Thank you!

02-02-08, 06:08 pm
For the cage just go to Target or Costco, they both have great cubes. Bed Bath & Beyond doesn't carry them anymore (at least in OC).

Where abouts do you live? The sign store I went to was very nice. After I told the guy the measurements I needed he asked me whether these were my first guinea pigs. I hadn't even told him what I needed the coroplast for. I can't understand why they turned you away? Did they not carry coroplast? Have you tried the coroplast locator? http://www.guineapigcages.com/where.htm

02-02-08, 08:54 pm
Read the sticky in the "Bedding" forum, about fleece, it's title is "the fleece project", it will tell you all you need to know about fleece.

02-02-08, 11:02 pm
Before Coroplast was discovered, the lady who started Cavy Spirit used to use linoleum.

02-03-08, 02:58 pm
You mean Teresa?