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02-01-08, 07:26 pm
Hey ya'll --

I know I have been bragging about my gorgeous ratties, and you all keep poking and proding me for picturas! So, without further adeiu --
Miss Luna Lovegood --

CIMG0377.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (http://s182.photobucket.com/albums/x206/HeidiL_photo/?action=view&current=CIMG0377.jpg)

Miss Bella(trix) Lestrange --

CIMG0358.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (http://s182.photobucket.com/albums/x206/HeidiL_photo/?action=view&current=CIMG0358.jpg)

Miss Hermione (Hermy, Miss Herms) --

CIMG0362.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (http://s182.photobucket.com/albums/x206/HeidiL_photo/?action=view&current=CIMG0362.jpg)

Miss Ginny Weasley --

CIMG0378.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (http://s182.photobucket.com/albums/x206/HeidiL_photo/?action=view&current=CIMG0378.jpg)

And here is there cage with MY sad attempts at making fleece liners...

Top -- Yeah, this was the first liner and...it was to small.

CIMG0352.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (http://s182.photobucket.com/albums/x206/HeidiL_photo/?action=view&current=CIMG0352.jpg)

Bottom -- This one just fit, but it could be a little bigger ( I'm improving...I think).

CIMG0353.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (http://s182.photobucket.com/albums/x206/HeidiL_photo/?action=view&current=CIMG0353.jpg)

We are in the midst of potty training the girls so the cage is a little bare, but I did try to make a few new little hammocks ( sweat pants ) and a cuddle sack ( again, with sweat pants ), and a digging box. So stray poops thus far!!! http://www.goosemoose.com/rfc/Smileys/classic/bdaysmile.gif

So, there they are!

I have had them bedded on Aspen for around a month, and they were having some serious allergic reactions. So today, I heard Miss Bella sneeze so hard I though she broke her sneezer! So, I rummaged through the guinea's old fleece, washed it a few times, and got working. I sewed fleece liners and put the rattagins in, and so far, NO SNEEZES. Thank Heavens!

They are also on Echinacea, for an immune system booster.

02-01-08, 07:40 pm
What, no Scabbers? Just kidding. lol They're sweet!

02-01-08, 08:13 pm
Yay! They are all so precious!

I am thinking about making some cage liners for the boys FN- maybe like a pillowsack so it is easier to change.. Is that how yours are?

02-01-08, 08:26 pm
Yeah, WR :-)

Well... KINNA .... the second one I made is definitely a pillowcase design, slips right on. Its a teencie bit small, but it fits snuggly.

The second ..um...you see my sewing skills...are basically zero? So the first one a attempted...it doesn't even cover the inside of the tray, just sitting inside LOL -- but I still used to so the girls could recover from their allergies!

Thanks for the comments, I love 'em so much!

02-02-08, 11:50 am
awww they are cute!!! Did you adopt them by chance?

02-02-08, 01:27 pm
They were, of course, "rescued" -- not so much adopted.

The wonderful lady I rescued Sukki from ( found her a CL's and she resuces pigs, but had a few too many on her hands ) contacted me and told me about this lady who had rats in need of a home.

I got in touch with the lady (who lives 3 hours away) and talked to her. Apparently, she had bought her daughter a rat from a petstore, it was pregnant. She had her litter but they never seperated the males and females. Thus, 2 more females were pregnant and two more litters born (one of 10 and one of 11 kittens). She had 25 plus rats. Now, you think that is alot...the story gets worse--

My fiance and I arrive at their trailer home in Yuma after a 3 hour drive. The lady had told us if we took the 4 females from the newest litter we would receive their cage (a converted bird cage) as well. This was great since we didn't really "need" any more animals, but wanted to help out ( and I have the hugest soft spot for rats, my favorite animal). As soon as she opened the door, I knew it was not a good situation.

There were animals EVERYWHERE -- I'm not sure if she was a hoarder, or if she was just trying to rescue animals and adopt them out, but was taking in too many too fast. The house smelled, there was feces and urine in the carpet and bird feathers and fur. We walked in and she said, " Now to find the little eepers!" We had to lift up couches, laundry, you name it to gather up the four girls. They had free range of the house ( where there were dogs, large exotic birds, free as well ). We got them in a carrier. Let me try to list the animals which were in sight --

2 medium/large dogs
20 plus rats in cages (large cages homemade)
2 cockatiels
20 plus parakeets
1 umbrella cockatoo

The lady was a sweetheart. She knew I was going to school to be a vet tech and that I hae a heart for exotics -- so, she started taking out animal after animal to show me.

She took out --

2 african grey parrots
1 sun conure
2 Macaws
1 injured parrot (mom knawed of his feet and she is nursing him to health)

And on my way out, the daughter was on CL's looking for more animals...

So needless to say, on the way home we dumped the cage in the dumpster because it wreaked and caked with urine, the girls' fur and poo smelled terrible. I don't know what they were fed.

We then drove 3 hours home, went into Petsmart and spent over $400 collecting all the supplies we needed -- a Ferret nation cage at $229 and cage toys, hammocks, water bottles ( they had one TINY bottle), hides. They we drug the girls to Home Depot where we spent another $40 on material to baby-proof the cage, which the girls could walk out of because they were so small.

And then we got home -- my mom ran out to Sprout's (wholefood store) to buy the ingredients for the Suebee's mix I have them on. And we sent 4 hours assembling and baby-proofing the cage.


And now my babies smell lovely, live in a huge clean mansion, have healthy food, and get nutritional supplements to boost heir immune system.

That's the story folks!

02-02-08, 01:35 pm
I figured you had adopted them! :)

Wow those sound like some pretty horrible conditions they were in!

Don't you just LOVE Sprouts?! It's the BEST place to get piggie veggies and all sorts of small animal treats and stuff!

02-02-08, 01:42 pm
Yeah, Sprouts definitely rocks my socks :-D

02-02-08, 02:24 pm
WOW! It sounds like the poor dear is a hoarder. They do think they are "rescuing", and are honestly unable to see that they hare harming rather than helping! What a horrible life, to live in animal filth all over your home. (Horrible for animals and humans.) I hope someone is able to help her and her remaining animals before it gets much worse.

Oh, your lucky little girlies that you got them out of there!

02-02-08, 03:51 pm
Aww! they are so cute! I wanted to get some mice or rats a while back, but my mom said no, because she can't stand them, she said the oly rodents she could stand living with, are guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and maybe gerbils....Figures!

04-08-08, 08:32 am
Well howdy everyone --

I just thought I would update you on the girlies, the furred ones with curly whiskers and pretty long tails? Yeah. The rats!

They are about 6 months old now, I think. They are still tiny little things and really haven't grown much. I was concerned for a bit because they are so small and compared to my past rattes, they are just skin and bones. So, I took them in to my exotics specialist -- The Rattie Doctor. And he gave them a clean bill of health. He said its quite possible they were deprived of food in their first months of life and were unable to grow at the rate they should. Now they are just somewhat small and runty. Very sad but they are very happy.

I open the cage every day to pick up their poops and they come with smiling eyes ( and any rat mom knows, yes ratties totally do smile) and sniffing noses, and happy tails. And they give me little kisses on my cheek.

So, needless to say. They are wonderful. The allergies have mostly ceased, though the piggers are on pine and the dust gets in the air when they get zoomies, and I think that sometimes spikes the sneezing.

I'll post up some new pictures soon! We have rattie bath pictures...muahaha! They were angels. Perfect angels. No clawing or jumping. I just dunked them in the sudsy water, did a little scrubbing, rinsed, and "wahlah". They have pretty tails now too!

Alrighty, well thanks for reading my rambling. Its early. I just wanted to give you an update on the babies!

Oh -- Piggies are great! Gio recovered from his neuter perfectly.
And the new puppy, my WahWah (Chihuahua) Naomi is my princess and curled up in my lap as I type. She is 3 and a half months old now!

04-08-08, 09:45 am
Awww, I'm glad everything is going good for you! I thought about giving my rattie girls a bath..... but they're already so scared of people (thanks to past abuse), I'm afraid it would scare them even worse. Glad to hear yours are doing well!