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02-01-08, 12:54 pm
I have got the new feed store location and hours. They are still only open on Saturdays. I am going to get my Ivermectin tomorrow morning-hopefully they have syringes.
My big question is Can my Cat get the same mites?

02-01-08, 11:55 pm
Mites are said to be species specific. So your cat should be ok.

02-02-08, 08:55 am
I got my syringes at a drugstore. One place charged me something like 33 cents for diabetic syringes that had the removeable needles (to draw the ivermectin out of the bottle). The pharmacy in our local Walmart gave me 1 mL syringes (no needles) for free. You could also ask at a vet's office.

02-02-08, 04:43 pm
ok well living in Hawaii where we have a horrible crystal meth problem. No one is willing to sell syringes. I ordered them on Ebay. 10 1cc for 5.00 so I guess the babies will have to wait a few more days. Its driving me nuts Puffy has a spot below her eye where the hair is falling out. I really want to get the medicine in all of them soon.
I smelled the ivermectin expecting it to smell bad, it actually smells good. It smells kind of like citrus.