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01-30-08, 09:13 pm
Does anyone who resides in canada, know of a place to get green fresh hay not the dry hard stick kind, I am not sure how to find a place and unfortunately going to a farm is a bit out of the question for me even an online resource thanks. :p

01-30-08, 10:43 pm
I'm in southern Ontario, and I buy Oxbow hay and pellets through my veterinarian. You could call exotics vet clinics in your town, and see if they keep it in stock or would be able to order for you.
Oxbow has some of the best hay. You could also try calling around some pet stores and ask if they sell Oxbow products.
Do you have any farm feed stores in your town? They might have nice fresh grass hay, too.
I'm sorry, I don't know if you're saying you can or can't order products online(I'm tired, lol). If you can order online, KleenMama's hay and pellets are excellent.
Kleenmama's Hayloft :: Home (http://www.kmshayloft.com/)

01-31-08, 04:18 pm
but can you order their hay into canada? that is my question...I will see about local farms...how much do you pay for oxbow hay...online on their site it isn't expensive but I find retail it is very expensive lol thanks.

01-31-08, 11:15 pm
Oxbow has a canadian supplier, last i checked it was called the canadian pet connection. It is based out of missisauga I believe...

A farm will always be best for pricing. Kaytee is available in a lot of places, but it is expensive.