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12-03-04, 01:57 pm
Hey Has anyone every used Cozy Critter's SUper Shavings? It says that it is not pine or ceder. Any comments?

Also does anyone know of a company that makes Aspen bedding besides Kaytee? How much does it cost?

What is the best bedding and least expensive? If i use fleece how often would i Have to change it? (I will be litter trainging my guinea pig)

Anybody have any other suggestions for bedding? I could also combine beddings anyone tried that?


12-03-04, 04:22 pm
Do a search and you'll find lots of good information. If you use fleece then you will have to change it every 2-3 days. Litter training isn't always easy!

12-03-04, 05:07 pm
ok thankyou