View Full Version : retailers that ship to ontario

01-25-08, 03:05 pm
Is anyone aware of online retailers that ship to ontario and that the prices are reasonable I would love to find out thanks for your help.:p

01-25-08, 04:11 pm
what are you looking to buy?

01-25-08, 06:10 pm
Pretty much good hay and oxbow products or similar and even toys also...a good water bottle that is easy for the girls to drink out of.
Just pretty much accessories and necessities for the piggies...without you know killing your amount spent.


01-27-08, 07:42 am
Oxbow Pet Products | Canada (http://www.oxbowhay.com/link.sp?page=International_Canada) If you scroll down on this page to Ontario, you will see a list of retailers that sell Oxbow products. Pellets and hay can have high shipping charges, so it's better if you can go pick it up from the store yourself. However, the prices even with the shipping are still cheaper than buying say small bags of hay from the pet store. You can also order direct from oxbow.

Kleenmama's is another online site that's got great pellets and hay:
Kleenmama's Hayloft :: Home (http://www.kmshayloft.com/)

01-27-08, 12:50 pm
Thanks again for your help really appreciate it.