View Full Version : can newspaper hurt piggies?

12-02-04, 08:43 pm
IF the color pages aren't placed inside the cage? cuz that would be some mighty cheap bedding! (free)


12-02-04, 09:02 pm
I use it to line the bottom of my cages-I read somewhere (possibly here?) that the ink is only harmful when fresh-after it's dried out for a day or two it's fine. That's what i read anyway.

12-06-04, 01:02 pm
Nothing glossy or with coloured ink, but black and white newspaper is fine.

12-06-04, 02:30 pm
Thanks! But I did use newspaper for a couple of days, and it just got really icky. It also turned rodney *albino* grey, and they both had black balls.. sooooo, back to bedding we went TODAY.

12-06-04, 02:37 pm
For about a month I used newspaper as bedding. Worked great, every morning I would just roll it up and place new newspaper down. But then it started plugging the trash can up (imagine how much newspaper a 2x7 cc cage would need for one day, so thats why it got plugged lol). And there wasn't room for anything else, my parents were furious lol. Another problem I had was getting the newspaper, I needed so much of it each day that I would have to steal it from neighbors recycling bins (I didn't feel like asking because I thought it would sound funny).
So I like regular bedding a lot more.

12-06-04, 02:41 pm
I use newspaper as a liner under something else, or crumpled up as a fun and inexpensive toy.