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03-12-03, 01:50 pm
Hello there, I've just registered with this forum and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm from Wales in the UK and I've just recently got myself 2 female piggies that I've named Blodwyn and Myfanwy. They are both Abyssinian from the same litter. They're a little over 8 weeks old and absolutely adorable. I got them on Sunday and have largely left them to their own devices for the first couple of days (only disturbed them to change bedding and give fresh food & water) so that they can get used to their new environment. Today though I have handled them, Myfanwy seems to squeak a lot, but Blodwyn doesn't make any noise and just tries to escape. I'm sure they'll get used to me eventually, but I'm going to keep my eye on Blodwyn as I'm sure Myfanwy has taken the role of head piggy and eats most of the food.

Unfortunately over here I can't find ANYWHERE that does the cubes but I have a really clever dad who has made me a cage which is 30 x 50 inches. It has a wooden frame and glass panels with lino covering the floor similar in design to the cubes & Correx but naturally with different materials. I think it's a really ace cage, perhaps I'll post a picture of it when the camera is next out.

Anyways that is all from me for now, and nice to meet you all!

03-13-03, 05:43 am
Hello! I am also a new member here! I have never posted before either. On monday night I adopted my guinea pig Pudge. He is very small. He is all white with a brown patch on his nose and two black splotches on both of his eyes! He is very quiet so far...but I've only had him for about 2 days. He runs around a lot at night. I have been thinking about getting him a friend (he had a brother where I got him from) and my cage is plenty big for two! I just don't want him to be lonely. So perhaps this weekend I will have two guinea pigs! I'll write again soon. *Katie & Pudge*

03-14-03, 12:03 pm
hiya and welcome to the forum:)

Don't know if you have any near you but you can buy cubes in poundstretcher, homebase and index. There cheapest in poundstretcher £8.99 for 13 grids

03-14-03, 04:17 pm
Well guess what. I just went to the vet. office today because little Pudge had some crusty eyes and a runny nose. The vet said the Pudge was actually a girl and she had an upper respiratory infection! So now 'she' has to take a little cherry flavored medicine twice a day for 10 days. I'm very relieved that she is going to get better now because I was becoming kind of worried and stressed! Right now she is snoozing in her pigloo after just taking some medicine. I think that I am very lucky because my vet knew a lot about guinea pigs. He said they were his favorite animals to treat and he gets them in all the time. I am glad that I did not end up knowing more about them than him! Plus he only charged me $25!

Sorry for the long post!

*Katie & Pudge*

03-30-03, 03:33 pm
I hope you have lots of fun with your ginnis!:D I have been apart of the ginni website for a couple of months now. I also have two female guinea pigs! I love them a lot. At first my ginnis (Twix & Roxi) would run away from me and they still do a little bit,:eek: but I know they will get used to me. Anyway have a lot of fun with your ginnis!

P.S. Don't forget their vitamin C everyday!!!!!!!!;)

04-22-03, 05:10 pm
i'm new here too and i'm from canada. i only have one two year old female right now and shes my baby. i had five at once in the past 5 years cause they reproduced but i loved them all equally. now i only have one in a cage by herself and shes fine. besides the five i had, i've always had just one at a time and there was never a problem with loneliness. although, i was there all the time and spent countless hours with my pig. i'm not always with the one i have now but shes fine. i never neglect her, i just dont spend as much time as i used to in the past but it doesnt mean i love her any less. i find too, that ones that are by themselves, get used to you more a lot faster and arent as skittish.