View Full Version : Grids and coroplast in Holland-Germany! Help!

Princess Aurora
01-23-08, 04:49 am

I am new in this site as a member but I discorvered it since some months ago already. In the search for tips to build a bigger cage for my lovely 2 sows, Poofy and Hairballie, is that I come here to ask if there is anybody here from Germany-Holland who knows where the hell to get those grids and coroplast??:(

Ow! by the way, my name is Aurora, I'm 22, soon to become 23 in march, I'm chilean but actually living in Germany with my husband, Martijn, who is dutch.:)

We live close to the dutch border, and as all these kind of things are cheaper over there, would be ideal to finally find these materials in Holland instead of here.

So please, does anybody knows where we can find grids and coroplast over here:?: :weepy:

Looking forward to hearing from you

Aurora & Martijn Kramer :D

03-06-08, 09:20 am
Hello Aurora,

It's no problem to find Coroplast. Go to kunststofshop.nl and there you'll find 'kunststofkanaalplaat'/polypropeen. It's the same as Coroplast.
To find grids is a bigger problem. I've searched the web whole week, but I can't find any grids in Europe.

03-06-08, 01:51 pm
You can also go on ebay and look for C&C cages.