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01-22-08, 05:16 pm
i need some ideas about thing i can put in my GP's cage I will take all suggestions:cheerful:

01-22-08, 05:29 pm
No ideas? they need some new toys and things to play in.:guilty:

01-22-08, 05:32 pm
Do you have a C&C cage? If you do not then you do not want many things in your pigs cage at all, as being a petstore cage it is already small, and by adding toys/houses you clog up the already limited floor space.

It is recommended to have some sort of hidy house in your pigs cage. Pigloos are one type of house you can use although personally I dont like these, as they tend to make the pigs more skittish, and instead I opt for a towel tent (where I attach a towel over one end of their cage making it hang down the sides and the back.

I also currently have a grid that I have bent in half making a tunnel in their cage. I ripped paper bags down the side so that it was flat when I opened it up, then I layed this over the bent grid and attached the paper bag to the grid with cable ties. The girls like to rip the paper bag off (shredding it in the process) and they also have a nifty tunnel.

Cuddle cups are also a hit in my household. I need to make some more as I want one for each of them so that they do not fight over the cups. Instructions on how to make your own cuddle cup can be found in the accessories forum.

Lazy lounges are a hit here, basically this is just a bent grid, cable tied to the side of the cage with a piece of corflute on the base making it hard, and then a soft cover like a towel.

Simple toys are generally more of a hit than the more detailed toys. Things like a paper bag, split down the middle and stuffed with hay keep them entertained for ages.

Also see this article http://www.guineapigcages.com/toys.htm and this article http://www.guineapigcages.com/accessories.htm

01-22-08, 05:39 pm
I have a C&C cage (2X4) im planning to make a second level (1X4) I have two pigs Nikki and Cookie. The have a pigloo. There flooring is fleece and they have another little hiding place.

01-22-08, 05:43 pm
My boys love to play with simple items most can find lying around the house such as butter boxes (as seen below), tissue boxes with the ends opened up like a tunnel, paper bags stuffed with hay, and old towels that they can tunnel through and sleep in.


01-22-08, 06:01 pm
There are MANY threads on this topic. You may want to check out the accessories section of the forum as well as pictures in the toys or accessories sections of the gallery for ideas.

Also this isn't instant messaging, it may take a while for someone to view your thread and reply to it.

In regards to your question: being prey animals, guinea pigs love to be able to hide, so a bunch of hidys in a cage will make your pig happy.

Squeeking Piggy
01-22-08, 06:29 pm
I would personaly recomend Waffle-Blocks as my guinea pigs love them.I would also recomend Krinkle Tunnels.Fluffy Tunnles can sometimes double as a cozie,so those would be good too.

01-22-08, 07:11 pm
Mine love paper bags. Play with them, then eat them YUM!!
They also love 12 can soda boxes. Sometimes I stuff the box with hay.
You can also make a hammock. A triangle of material with ribbons sewn on each corner to connect to a corner of your cage. Mine are always sleeping in the hammock. It does take a while for them to figure out its fun to be in them. At first all pigs hide under.

01-22-08, 07:51 pm
My guinea pigs love their new toys!

01-22-08, 10:13 pm
A suggestion for a location:
- Any place that is about room temperature (67- 70 degrees)
-Places where they can get plenty of socialization
-Free from drafts, direct sunlight, etc...
-Temperature is about the same
-Not too humid

Some toys
-Paper Towel or Toilet Paper rolls filled w/ hay
-Tennis balls/ Ping Pong balls
-Things that make noise
-Loads of hay to play in
-Towel tents

Hope you try some of these!

*The Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls filled with hay are a huge hit with the piggers! Like Kongs for guinea pigs! lol