View Full Version : New C&C cage for my hedgehog

01-22-08, 02:13 pm
I made this cage for my hedgehog, Noni. It is one and a half levels. I covered the back half with fleece and put a puppy pad under the wheel, since that is where she poops. I put wire mesh on the ramp.


Here is Noni.

01-22-08, 02:40 pm
Cute Hedgehog! =]

01-22-08, 03:19 pm
Noni is very adorable! I love the cage!

How/Where did you come up with that name? My daughter wants to name one of the piggies (to come) Narnia, and we were thinking Narni.

01-22-08, 03:22 pm
My boyfriend just made the name up, it was pretty random. Narni is a cute name though!

02-07-08, 03:34 pm
That's a beautiful cage - I'm sure Noni will ove it! One quick note (from personal experience) is to be careful about puppy pads... hedgies can get really excited about things like this and chew through them - annointing with the inside contents which are VERY unhealthy... I would recommend adding a layer of fleece on top and securing the layer down so that Noni doesn't accidentally injest anything harmful!

Great job though!! :D