View Full Version : How do I stop getting replies in my emaiL?

12-01-04, 10:45 pm
I used myhubbies email to get into this site, and he's not very happy that he's getting 20 emails a day from here.. how do I make it stop? In profile I tried to change it to my email, and it won't work. is that the only waY? cuz I dont really want them in my email either.

12-02-04, 08:05 am
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To stop the emails...

Go to "My Profile" from the menu bar at the top.

Choose Edit Options.

Scroll down to Messaging and Notification

In that section, look at the option for "Default Thread Subscription Mode"

Change the option to "Do Not Subscribe".

That will change any future threads that you reply to.

For the existing threads:

On the left side of the screen in My Profile, choose "List Subscriptions"

That will show you all the threads that you are subscribed to.

At the bottom of the screen, it should say: "Selected Threads:"

Change that to no email notification.

I don't understand why changing your email didn't work - provided you type it in exactly the same twice, it should send any emails (and if you're not subscribed to threads you won't get any) to the new address. PM me with the email address you want to change it to if you don't have any luck, and I'll make sure the right one is saved.

12-02-04, 04:10 pm
thamk you so much, i had the same problem, and i am hoping it worked