View Full Version : introduce new dwarf hamster?

01-21-08, 01:59 am

Is it possible to introduce dwarf hamsters to each other once they are older? (4 months or so). I have heard mixed opinions on this. I have a very passive, very sweet dwarf hamster who currently lives alone because his last cage mate literally almost killed him with incessant fighting- -they are Campbells I think, which someone told me are more territorial. Now he doesn't seem quite as active, and I am torn between wanting to keep him happy and social and on the other hand wanting to spare him another horrible roommate. What do you experienced people think?

02-04-08, 01:06 pm
No, it will not work. Introducing dwarf hamsters (campbells) from 2 different groups never works out. There is normally instant fighting and bloodshed. If it wouldn't be immediate, they will start fighting in the near future.
Provide your one hammie with new things to do every day , to keep stimulation and interest. Add new chews, tubes, empty kleenex boxes or tiolet paper tubes. A new wheel or spinning saucer. Added levels or ladders, etc. Hide treats in different areas or inside things. This will keep your hammie more active and interested in his world. And remember, he is nocturnal, he will be most active at night time, during the day he will snooze, only getting up to use the bathroom or get a sip or water a bite to eat, then back to his zzzzs.
Good luck, and keep the cage ne and creative each day to keep your hamster happy and active each day. They love to explore and discover new things.