View Full Version : rabbits and fabric?

01-20-08, 11:55 pm
Hi, I know very little about rabbits. Are they fabric chewers at all? If you were to give them a play tunnel made out of yarn lined with fleece, would they just eat it?

01-21-08, 06:14 am
I don't personally have rabbits but my Aunt has 4 of them. They have eaten all four corners of her couch. She just bought new furniture and it's leather so that may be okay. They can be big chewers.

01-21-08, 08:05 am
I wouldnt use anything with yarn, rabbits are chewers and will chew on things like that. Now having said that I put fleece down in my rabbits cage to sleep on or a sheet down so they have some traction on the coroplast and they dont bother that. They will rumple it all up and scratch at it and rearrange it to there liking but they arent eating it. Becareful of rugs, and if you put anything in a rabbits home you need to inspect to make sure that they arent eating it as that will lead to complications, that could ultimately lead to death.

As with guinea pigs it is importatnt to make sure that rabbits have entertainment, toys that keep there attention so that they arent chewing inappropriately. Wood toys, toilet paper rolls stuffed with hay, telephone books, boxes with shredded newspaper in it.