View Full Version : Ugh! Leaky Water Bottles, any suggestions on good ones?

01-19-08, 08:09 pm
Right now I have 3 water bottles, one for Goldie (hamster) and one for each of my 2 piggys. All 3 have started to leak terribly. Goldie's is an Oaisis, and the piggys are a Walmart one and a 10 yr old one that just recently started leaking but it was really good for a while I dont know the brand though its too old. I was wandering if any one has had sucess witha particular brand of water bottle? The leaking has become really bad, at 1st it wasn't that bad just some wet bedding but now the walmart one barely holds water for a day and the old one will be about 1/2 gone each day and Goldie's is the best of the 3 it looses about 1/4th to 1/8th of its water each day from drippage. They are driving me bonkers and I really need to get some new ones.Suggestions?

Ally has U's
01-19-08, 08:59 pm
The two i use and have no troubles with is one from Lixit and the other from All Living Things. My All Living Things water bottle is really nice because it is a flip top. All you have to do to fill it up is open the top and pour water in except when you feel the need to clean the water bottle. I use it for my bunny because it doesn't use a ball it use a metal stick thing (they call it a no drip stainless steal valve) that when he moves it to the side the water comes out. I think the guinea pigs wouldn't understand or may get hurt by it.

Both of mine are plastic, I think a glass one is just not worth it. If you drop it or it cracks you will have to get a new one. Plus it could be harmful to your animals if it cracks. Here is a few links so you can check them out. The exact All Living Things water bottle I have is the second link. Out of both of them I recommend Lixit it comes in many sizes and uses a ball.

Online Catalog - LIXIT Water Bottles (http://www.countryboycages.com/catalog_c148839.html)

Compare All Living Things All Living Things Flip Top Water Bottle 32oz Prices - Shop for Pets at mySimon (http://www.mysimon.com/9015-10992_8-29645262.html)

Guinea Pig Water Bottle - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review (http://www.nextag.com/guinea-pig-water-bottle/search-html)

01-20-08, 10:35 am
I have a lixit flip top and the pigs use it fine. Acutally they over use it although that goes back to the days of a noisey water bottle they would hit agaisnt the cage for food. The pigs get the point and have never been hurt by the metal stick. Bet it has never leaked without pig aid. I also have a ball one can't remember what brand and it never leaks once again without pig help.

01-20-08, 10:47 am
I have heard that Lixit is a great brand. I have a Farnam rabbit bottle for my one pig and it is great! It does not leak, and holds 32 oz. of water. It was not very expensive either. I have had it for about 2 years and it still works like new. I would definitely reccomend it!:cheerful:

Ally has U's
01-20-08, 12:39 pm
I have a lixit flip top and the pigs use it fine. Acutally they over use it although that goes back to the days of a noisey water bottle they would hit agaisnt the cage for food. The pigs get the point and have never been hurt by the metal stick. Bet it has never leaked without pig aid. I also have a ball one can't remember what brand and it never leaks once again without pig help.

I do not have the lixit filp top I have the All Living Things filp top with a metal rod sticking out of it and my bunny uses it fine and it never leaks.

The Lixit one I have is a large regular old water bottle!

01-20-08, 08:08 pm
I replaced the Oasis bottles (leaky, leaky) that came with the boys with Lixit Chinchilla bottles. Love them. Easy to clean and they don't leak.

01-21-08, 02:21 am
So this one seems good? Lixit LB 16 oz Plastic Bottle (http://www.countryboycages.com/catalog_g31.html?itemId=2536893&catId=128067)

I don't think there's really a problem with the bottle I have now, but it's the one they give with the starter cage and I'd rather just get them a new one now. The Lixit bottle is cheap too, so that's great if it's a good brand.

01-21-08, 10:07 am
I have 2 Critter Canteens and 2 Lixit flip-top bottles. Sometimes they leak, sometimes they don't but with these little bowls, if they do drip, it doesn't go into the bedding. The piggies don't have any problem sticking their little feet on the edge and getting a drink. They have little tabs on the back that easily slip over the coroplast. If the bottles leak, I just pull the cup off the coroplast when I refill the bottles and dump it.


01-21-08, 08:37 pm
I got totally fed up with water bottles because no matter what brand I tried they all leaked. So I looked around on the web so small animal water systems and found the website for Agselect. I made my own watering system for 40 bucks for 4 piggys. Now I purchased the parts to make a watering system for 2 piggys and a seperate one for a bunny for 35 including shipping. You can pick your own water holder and the best part about it is that they don't leak! Agselect also has no leak water bottles if you still like water bottles too tho I can not vouch for them since I haven't personally tested them out.

Give it a try I really think they are far superior to the store purchased water bottles since you can take them apart for cleaning and the no-leak factor.

AgSelect.com - livestock equipment for the profitable farm (http://www.agselect.com/)


01-24-08, 06:39 pm
Hi someone had mentioned about a ferplast water bottle and I was interested in it as well but can't find the posting and someone else said there was one just like the ferplast but different manufacturer perhaps lixit as well it's kind of like a sippy type bottle from what I understood and it screws on to the cage as opposed to the kind you have to attatch with a wire if anyone knows where this thread is or what I am talking about please let me know I would greatly appreciate it.

01-24-08, 06:46 pm
I think I'm gonna try out a Lixit one. I plan to go up to the feedstore sometime this weekend, I think that they have a Lixit rabbit one.

01-25-08, 04:07 pm
I'm thinking of getting a couple Flat-Bac water bottles, how well do they work?

01-26-08, 03:20 pm
Okay, well I just got home, new bottle in hand....and Its even Worse!!!!! I dont konw why. It is a Lixit 32 oz. deluxe that I got from Orscheln Farm & Home. ( DLB - 32 oz Best Buy Weather Resistant Rabbit Water Bottle w/ Deluxe Holder Set: Lixit - Pet Water Bottles & Feeders (http://www.lixit.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=30-0397-012&Category_Code=Plastic) )
It is really bad and I dont know why, maybe is it something I may be doing. Here a a vid just to show how bad it is leaking.
Also pics to show which it is and what it says.
Here is the packaging:
and here is the video

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/jenni_feathers_122/vids/th_leakybottle_0001.jpg (http://s179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/jenni_feathers_122/vids/?action=view&current=leakybottle_0001.flv)

Any Suggestion? If i cant get it to work, I'm taking it back. It was the only kind they had except for one like TX_2_Pigs, and I'm not sure if I want one like that.

01-26-08, 04:22 pm
I came up with an easy solution my lil problem....I switched the lids. That simple, and now they both work! lol I put the lixit lid on the walmart bottle and the walmart lid on the lixit bottle and now they both work! Its so wierd, I hope they keep working good, so far no major drippage, just the normal occasioal drip or 2 when the cage shakes and such.

Also my dad figured out the problem with it, it was not vacume sealing properly because there was some sort of air leak around the rings in the lid. Now they both of the pigs bottles work, now time to fix Goldie's.