View Full Version : Fleece Questions

01-19-08, 07:15 pm
I have some questions about fleece. I know you put towels and other absorbent material under the fleece, but how often do you need to wash the fleece and towels? Even if you have a litter box.

01-19-08, 07:19 pm
It really depends on how many piggies you have and how messy they are. If it starts to smell change it. You will get into a routine after a while and it will make more sense.

01-19-08, 07:29 pm
Normally I wash my fleece once a week. But I sweep hay and poos everyday.

01-19-08, 09:23 pm
You should probably wash it once a week, and spot clean daily.

01-20-08, 12:47 am
Okay, thanks! :)