View Full Version : Hay Rack for an Old Man

01-17-08, 08:27 pm
Well, my old hay rack didnt work anymore as my new addition kept getting stuck in it so its been hay on the floor for the last few months.
I have a 5.5 year old guy that isn't the most flexable and a 1 year old that gets into everything. I've looked around the photo pages but I'm wondering if anyone has a good idea for a hay rack for these 2??

01-17-08, 09:19 pm
Put a grid in the corner of a cage so that it's like a triangle from above. Put hay in there. :D

01-18-08, 10:18 pm
Any other Ideas??? Anyone?

01-18-08, 10:24 pm
I like some of the ideas in the picture gallery. They have a lot of different ideas in there!

01-19-08, 10:05 am
I have a litter box full of bedding and I put the hay in there so both pigs can get it. I also put hay in a cardboard tube for the pig to get some hay.

01-19-08, 10:12 am
I've still yet to buy a hayrack for my 2 new boys but for the time being I put their hay on a big dinner plate. Its easily accessable and I've never seen them stand on the plate. You could try using one with slightly sloping sides so it would be uncomfortable to stand on and so deter lying in the food hay.

01-19-08, 10:26 am
You could use a hay wheel, like this: Super Pet Rollin' The Hay - PetFoodDirect (http://www.petfooddirect.com/store/product_detail.asp?pf%5Fid=10079895&dept%5Fid=612&brand%5Fid=202&Page)=