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Jess Z
01-17-08, 07:25 pm
I just got my hamster out and she has a mass on her right hip. My mom won't take her to the vet so what should I do? She suggests draining it with a needle but :sick: ! I would never ever do that. She is a registered nurse but what should I do? I feel so bad and maybe a bit of persuasion would work? She's maybe 1-3 months old so what should I do? My mom said that she was running all night on her wheel and yesterday she was fine. It is about a quarter size and she doesn't seem to be in any pain. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

01-18-08, 08:09 am
First off, don't drain or do anything to the mass without veterinary consultation... it's just a really bad idea, so many issues could arise where you wouldn't know what to do. You can't accurately diagnose what kind of mass she has. Even though your mom is a registered nurse that's very different from an exotics veterinarian.
I haven't experienced tumors in such young hamsters, they were all really old. My hamsters who had tumors were brought to the vet, the vet prescribed meds but it didn't really do anything. They died not too long after.
I don't really know what an exotics veterinarian can do for your hamster. They're so tiny, so treatment options such as removal and draining are risky. You would have to speak to an exotics veterinarian to know for sure.
Besides seeing a vet, my best advice for you would to closely monitor her mass, food and water intake, behavior, and overall health daily. Be sure she can easily get around and run in her wheel.
There really isn't a lot that you can do for your hamster without seeing a vet. If it's growing, becoming irritated, or there are signs of decline in overall health you have to see a vet.
Goodluck, I really hope she gets better.

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Jess Z
01-18-08, 09:06 am
I was very surprised of the resemblance of an abcess to what she has. I don't see how she could have gotten one, besides she somehow got out of her cage a few days ago. She is doing better from wickedrodent on the chat yesterday telling me to give her a little bit of plain yogurt every few hours.She seems fine today, and my mom agreed to take her to the vet if I pay for it. It hasn't gotten any bigger and it's not irritated so it's an abcess probably.