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01-16-08, 08:55 pm
Hi. I lurk here once in a while, but some of you may know me from GL, where I'm also Brimstone. I have 4 male pigs, and am currently fostering 2 females for my local SPCA. The girls are on pregnancy watch and at least one is starting to look pretty chubby! We've been feeling some movement in her belly the last couple of nights.

It's time to baby-proof the foster cage, and probably make it bigger. It's currently only a 2x2 C&C which I know is too small. So how high should the sides of the coroplast be to be baby-proof? And is a 2x3 big enough for 2 females + babies on a temporary basis? Or should I opt for a 2x4?

My own boys have a 3x3 for the pair who get along, and a 3x4, divided, for the 2 who don't get along. All four pigs can come together in the middle to sniff noses and yell at each other through the bars, which they do frequently.