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01-15-08, 12:11 am
Hey everyone. I'm not sure if I ever introduced Weebo to you all. He is quite a rare piggy. He's a Red-eyed Himalayan piggie. Beautiful little rodent. A rescue called and asked if I was up for more piggies because they had received him in a box on their doorstep and thought of me. I feel very lucky to have such a sweet and beautiful little piggy. He's got the personality of a deer, and I just love him. He seems to have cheered Coobear up, who was suffering from depression. After Nikki died, Coobear began to lose weight. Thats a whole 'nother story though. I may tell you about it tomorrow. Anyhow here's a picture of Weebo when he was a baby. His namesake is that little flying robot from the movie "Flubber". Wave hello! :)


And this photo is more recent. His colors have matured more and you can really tell he is Himalayan.

01-15-08, 03:05 am
He is gorgeous!

Percy's Mom
01-15-08, 03:17 pm
Please take a bit of time and try to post in the correct section. This has been moved to Introductions.

Sammy and Peanut
01-15-08, 04:00 pm
Oh my gosh. He is beautiful. You are so lucky! If you were to buy one of these, what would an average price be?