View Full Version : Cage Cleaning - White Vinegar & Water?

01-07-08, 07:41 pm
Hi All,

Have a query regarding what to clean my cage with. I quite often use a white vinegar half water mixture to clean my microwave, works a treat. Do you think a half water, half white vinegar mixture is good for cleaning a piggy cage? I've bought a spray bottle to keep it in, just wondering if it would keep well mixed with water as well.

01-07-08, 08:03 pm
Thats what I use in my cage.It works well.

01-07-08, 08:15 pm
The 1:1 ratio is recommended on the site, which especially helps clean up the urine and neutralize the odor.


Percy's Mom
01-08-08, 12:29 am
Yep, it works great! If you find you have tougher spots, straight vinegar is fine as well.