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01-07-08, 05:33 am

I`m 28 years old and live in Germany. Im doing my best in english, but I don`t use it very often - I`m really sorry for the misstakes I`m doing. If you don`t mind tell me how I could do it better.

I have 30 guinea pigs, in self made cages, all in all about 168 sq feet big (16 sq meters), most of them are adopted - announcements in supermarktes an Newspapers, animals help and so on.

Here is a picture of our cages

http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/8228/stalljh6.th.jpg (http://img411.imageshack.us/my.php?image=stalljh6.jpg)

that`s nearly all our living room. The wooden parts are inside with some sort of Plastic to being prevented from bacterias and so on.

if you`d like to see pictures of our piggies please check my home page
Schweinchenparadies - Home (http://www.schweinchenparadies.de.tl)

It`s all written in german, but the photographys are great.


01-08-08, 12:36 am
Hello again!

Now I have found some of the words I have been searching for yesterday and can add it to my text.

Well: we are a small rescue and have about 8 up to 10 piggies which are looking for a new home.

that is the reason why I have babies on my homepage - a woman called and told us she would no longer be able to feed her piggies and so on. We went there, and the piggies where outside in the backyard, in small boxes without straw and very little hay at minus 10 degrees Celsius, and it snowed that night.

Six weeks later Heidi gave birth to three cute babies - and we have three other piggies we need to find a home for. the woman said sometimes she gave floor time to the sows with the boars of a neighbor - how can anyone think that this would not result in babies? We are lucky only one of five sows was pregnant. we didn`t see it until the babies where there - the mother is only 6 months old and very small. We are happy that all the babies have survived the first two weeks.

01-08-08, 04:29 am

Wow! What a nice setup! Was it a lot of work to build?

You've got some lovely pictures on your website! I love those wooden hidey houses you've got (the type that Frodo is lying in). Are those handmade?

That's great that you were able to rescue those guinea pigs! I guess some people just don't have the common sense to realise that boy + girl = babies!

Are there a lot of abandoned guinea pigs in Germany? I know that there are quite a lot of rescues in the Netherlands (someone recently dumped 94 guinea pigs in the middle of a forest!) but I'm not familiar with the situation in Germany.

01-08-08, 08:45 am

Germany has many shelters and rescues - you know, 80 billions of people with lot`s of pets. But some shelters are bad, they have small cages or give away one cavy with one rabbit, so it`s better in rescues, where boars can get neutered and so on. But in my area there are not enough shelters an rescues, so we try our best by rescuing some by ourselves. I think the situation is very similar to the nederlands - lots of poor animals and not enough people who care.

There has been a breeder recently with 20 cavys, and this week we will get a boar who has been allone for the past few years (the owner told us, their cat would have played with him, so he wasn`t really allone - I really had trouble not to shout at him), we will get him neutered as soon as possible and give him away with some girls.

Our cages have been built by ourselves, an many steps, so we worked some hours and started again a couple of weeks later when we had enough money to continue.

The little houses are bought, there is a webshop - I don`t think they can export it, but the website is Unser Online-Shop - Home (http://www.meerschweinchenhaus.de)

01-08-08, 09:56 am
Hello, welcome to the forum! Your cages look great! It's so good of you to take in the poor piggies and give them a good home :)

Your English is really good, by the way. Much better than my German. I've been doing German at school for three years so I'm alright I suppose lol